Monday, October 04, 2004

Swing layouts

Developing GUI layout in Swing requires a considerable amount of time, especially if you just starting to learn how to Swing. The easy layouts, such as FlowLayout, BorderLayout, BoxLayout, and GridLayout does not really take you anywhere, especially in the case of creating complex GUI.

Luckily, we have the powerful GridBagLayout, which is a bit complex for a startup, but can be very efficient for an experienced Swing GUI developer. However, after looking at JGoodies Forms, it's very interesting to explore more on what the community has to offer.

First, we have SpringLayout which were added into the J2SE 1.4 distribution. Then, we have FormLayout which is contributed by JGoodies. FormLayout is a very good layout which allows us to create form layouts in 1-2 hours max. I'm trying to explore through ExplicitLayout & TableLayout, and see if they have some added values as well.

I hope I can get a chance to explore more on many other available layouts.. :D

JGoodies Forms

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