Friday, October 01, 2004

Swing challenge

I'm currently challenging myself and a few other co-workers to implement a simple UI in Swing. The challenge is to create a simple XP-style login page, as can be found in the JGoodies website.

The challenge is to create it within a 10-coding hour limitation, and implementing it using standard Swing libraries. The final submission date is next Wednesday. I wanted to try to create the login page as best as possible without any help from third party libraries, such as JGoodies.

I wanted to compare the source codes that we have by then, and try to have a discussion over how the code should be best put. Then, I wanted to try the JGoodies on, and see the difference in the quality & productivity aspect. Since this is just a simple & fun challenge, I'm not hoping to receive many submissions. But, I'll try to create my version on it, and share it here once completed.. :D

Is there anyone willing to give this challenge a shot? :D

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