Sunday, May 20, 2007

Freedom Writer

I've just finished watching Freedom Writers. It's been a long time since I've watched anything with that quality. Not just because I am a lecturer myself, but even before I became one, I still would have thought the same. Simply put, the movie is awesome.

Through the 120+ minutes, my emotion was taken captive by the storyline that I learned a lot from the movie. I have pretty much the same ideals as the teacher in that movie, that as students, you'll learn more by having the family atmosphere in the class rather than having the old boring lecture styles. Most of my colleagues may not agree with me, but I firmly stand on my beliefs, which is why I would be recommending this movie for them to see.

Regardless whether you are a lecturer/teacher or not, or whether you are a parent, a student or none of the above, you'll still love the movie. It really worths 2 hours of your time. I will be exploring more on the Freedom Writers ideas, of how they are going to implement the same methodologies they used in their class in as many classes as possible in the US.

I hope that my colleagues would love the movie, and you would too (if you'd take my recommendation).

Amazon: Freedom Writers (Widescreen Edition)