Monday, December 12, 2005

Today's Reading - 12 Dec 05

Iranian blogger is rejected to visit the US due to his blog contents.
His lesson teaches us to be careful in saying our political views, to be careful NOT to bring up unnecessary information about our personality when we're crossing any border, and also to think again whether being searchable by Google is a good thing or not.

Erik Thauvin is receiving e-mails that says he has Java Trademark Infringement on his blog site.
I'm not too sure I understand what this means, I sure hope it's just part of the Sun Partner program, but the issues of trademarks & copyrights are not easy ones and they tend to limit people's freedom rather than to protect their own rights. Some folks in Indonesia even joke at the possibility of having Indonesian government pay Sun Microsystems because we have an island named Java :). By naming my blog as "java developer in java", I think I may just made myself a good candidate for the Java Trademark Infringement. We'll see.. :)

A good summary of the machine vs. humane interface
I've read the initial post by Martin, and read Cedric's comments. I believe that for an SDK release to have too many humane interface is not such a good thing. It may be making too many assumptions on different people's intuitivity. A good SDK release should only include things that 90% of its own developers agree that they'll use them. Convenient methods with more than 3 lines may be okay, but shorter methods may be unappropriate. A language change, as what we had with Java 5, which reduces the boilerplate codes and introduces generics & annotations, is better than having too many humane interface for an SDK release. Maybe a good research or survey on java.lang classes and utility classes created to help the usage of java.lang classes are possible objective ways to solve this debate.

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