Thursday, December 15, 2005

Getting a credit card

I've always been a no-credit guy. I don't like to ask for any loan for any purpose. That's my principle since I was a kid, perhaps parts of what my dad has taught me. Now, I've created and/or implemented more than 2 automotive loan application systems (one of them is a product of my employer), and since I know exactly the formula they use for the loan installment payments, it further discourages me from taking any loan.

I have neither a car nor a house. I plan to have one of both in the next 2-3 years, and I know I may need to take a loan for them. One way is to apply for a loan in the local bank using my current employment records & employer's recommendation as part of the loan application attachments. The loan itself may be able to cover only 30% of a car's price though.

From my experience in deploying the loan application system on multiple funding companies, I know also that a good credit history is required for a large amount of loan. Even though credit card is new & highly unpopular as part of Indonesian life style, it's getting its popularity among the urbans in the recent couple of years.

Now, after looking at this very nice post about how to increase your credit score, I know that I need to get at least a credit card, and use it! :P. I did get myself a credit card 4 years ago, which I planned on using them to buy books from Amazon. Yet, it's never been the case. I paid the annual fee, but never use the credit limit even for once.

For an American whose credit card history is quite long, since the 30's I believe (a few years back I've read the credit card history in the US through some book, I forget the book's title though), it's very important to get a good credit card history for applying a larger amount of loan. But, for an Asian countryman, is it already accustomed to have it?

Is it true that a decent hard-working employee can never pay himself a good house/car in cash? I find it's rather hard to accept, yet easier to believe.

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