Thursday, April 14, 2005

Petals around the Rose Puzzle

A friend of mine send me a link to the Petals around the Rose Puzzle. It's essentially a simulation of rolling 5 dice at the same time, then guess what is the number of Petals around the Rose. It's quite fun actually to guess them. I've had 16 tries (approx. 15 mins) before finding my solution to the problem. The solution has been proven within the next 30 successfull tries.

Try them out for yourself, and let me know how you did it.

Here's my solution in Spanish: (use Google Translator to translate them into English)
No haga caso de todo, a excepción de 5 y de 3. Cada 5 cuentas para 4 pétalos. Cada 3 cuentas para 2 pétalos. Resuma el número de pétalos.

Another friend of mine come up with a smarter (more visual) solution, also within 10-15 minutes time. Here's his solution in Spanish:
La rosa es el punto en el centro de el corto en cubos. Solamente 1/3/5 tiene ese punto. Por lo tanto, 2/4/6 no es se levantó. El pétalo es los otros puntos que rodean color de rosa. Así, solamente 3/5 rosa tiene 2/4 de los pétalos.

Let me know your solution.. :D
It's just a fun way to start the day.. :D

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