Tuesday, September 14, 2004

live templates in IntelliJ IDEA

Three years ago, I was not a fan of any IDE tools. My favourite Java editor was UltraEdit. I've switched to EditPlus once a while, but mostly it's UltraEdit that got me through many Java projects. Two years ago, most of the developers in my company started using IntelliJ IDEA, but I wasn't impressed enough to even give it a try.

Until last year, when I had a chance, I took a look at IntelliJ IDEA 3.0. It's quite impressive actually. One thing for sure, I really like the refactoring tools that came with it.

Recently, when I played around with the latest IntelliJ IDEA 4.5 which already includes the Inspection Gadget 2.0, I was more impressed, and making it my favourite IDE for Java. Since then, I'm trying to use more and more features in it, and try to minimize my time to develop any Java application.

With the spirit of leveraging my productivity, I'm currently testing the Live Templates in IDEA. I was hoping it could help me boost my productivity. And, apparently it did. I have been using most of the pre-constructed Live Templates (as listed in Ctrl-J). And now, I have even tried to create some Live Templates for my daily usage.

It's working great. It can be even copied and imported to my PC at home, since it's created in an XML file. This could very well be a good step to enrich my experience with IDEA.

If you had not tried it, it's highly recommended..
If you had created any user-defined live templates which can be shared, I'd really like to take a look.. :D
I'll share mine once it's not so application-specific, and more generic instead..

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