Tuesday, September 07, 2004

gmail account

This is my first post since when? three years?..
It turned out that I wasn't into blogging 3 years ago..
I don't know about now..
At least I'm trying..

Anyway, to start off the blog habit..
Yesterday, I was looking for a gmail account, and turned out that it was only given to several people through the limited invitation..
Apparently, it's very hard to get the invitation..
I had this guy on a m-list, sharing his gmail account, so I check the FAQ there, and it explains that sometimes, on a quite-random case, Google will give a link in the Inbox, which we can use to invite other people in testing the gmail account.
Since I still don't have a gmail account, it should be obvious that the link wasn't there..
And, I can't get into the shared account since..

But my initial experience is, it was slow logging in, but it's quite fast when checking messages (unlike yahoo).. It's slow though, when refreshing the inbox..
Anyhow, I still don't have a gmail account, so I'm hoping if by any chance anyone out there reading this blog, might be kind enough to share me one, I would be very grateful.. :D

Some say also that blogging just might get you one.. :P

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